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Animal Feed Salt For Sheep


First, why add salt in the feed?
1. Salt is an essential part of the sheep's Growth and development process. It not only maintains the osmotic pressure of body fluids, but also ensures the transportation of nutrients and excretion waste.
2, is conducive to the absorption and digestion of the body's protein, stimulate the secretion of saliva, increase appetite.
3, is conducive to promoting digestion and improve feed utilization.
Second, how to add salt in sheep feed?
1, the first is to mix the salt in the feed, daily feed a certain amount of salt, for example, sheep daily feed 8-10g, ewes daily feed 3-5g.
2. The second is to pour the salt into the drinking water tank and let the sheep drink after melted in the water.
3. You can pour the salt into a specific bamboo tube, add a small amount of water, and then salt it to the outside of the bamboo tube to give it to the sheep.
4. Put the salt in the trough and allow the goat to feed freely.
Three, sheep feed add salt precautions
1. Regularly fry salt to feed sheep. The method is to salt and fry yellow first, and then salinize it into water, pour it into the chopped grass and mix it evenly so that the salt will form a salty frost on the grass, and then the salt grass will fall on the grass and be divided into Small heap feeding
2. The amount of salt to be fed depends on the season, the climate, the quality of the pasture, the size of the sheep, and the fatness of the sheep.
3. In the spring and autumn season, salt is poured once every 7-10 days, each sheep is 6-10g; in the winter, it is salted once every 15 days, each sheep is 10-15g; every day it is salted once a week, each time Sheep 10-15g.
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